Mplus 7.4 !!

The long awaited next version of the latent variable software package, Mplus, is NOW available – have a look at the new features:

  • New IRT models: 3PL, 4PL, and Partial Credit Models
  • Bootstrap extensions: Bootstrap standard errors for standardized coefficients, bootstrap confidence intervals for standardized coefficients, and bootstrap for internal and external Monte Carlo simulation studies
  • R-square and standardized coefficients for models with latent variable interactions using XWITH (Muthén & Asparouhov, 2015)
  • MODEL INDIRECT for Bayes using the IND option
  • Standardized for MODEL INDIRECT for models that require numerical integration
  • DIC for models with random loadings, three-level random slopes, and cross-classified random slopes
  • Counterfactually-defined causal effects for ordinal mediators and ordinal outcomes
  • New plots: Bootstrap distributions, moderation plots, and sensitivity plots (TYPE=SENSITIVITY PLOT2;)
  • Saving of propensity scores
  • Test of proportional odds for logistic regression with ordinal outcomes (Brant Wald Test)
  • Random starts for weighted least squares estimators
  • Option to generate an ID variable that corresponds to the record number (DEFINE: idvariable = _RECNUM;)

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