Postgraduate studies to self-actualization (huh?)

Yes you heard right, postgraduate studies to self-actualization!  I was honoured to be part of a panel at the first Postgraduate Open Day, held on the North-West University, Vaal Triangle Campus (more information on the Open Day) discussing why prospective scholars should engage in postgraduate studies. The discussion spoke to, among others, that gaining a specialized knowledge and skill base will enable you to become more employable and possibly improve your quality of life – what struck me foremost is the need to follow your heart.  When I say follow your heart, I mean that before undertaking postgraduate studies one should ask – will this link to YOUR purpose in life, will these skills enable YOU to self-actualize? Prof Ian Rothmann (Director of Optentia Research Focus Area and Industrial Psychologist) specifically highlighted that if postgraduate studies will help you to achieve self-actualization, a job will not only be a job, but a PASSION! His words ring true and gave us all some food for thought!

Featured image courtesy of Prof Ian Rothmann.

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